Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Compact Photographer

My journey in photography begun in my early teens, when I discovered my father's Nikon EM SLR with the 28mm and 50mm E series lenses. From the first moment of learning to use the camera, taking the first photo and receiving the first prints; I was hooked. Call it a hobby or what you will; but since then I have been an avid photographer and seriously guilty of the 'gear acquisition syndrome', or GAS.

Through the many years since the EM, I have used almost every conceivable system under the sun. Everything from a Toyo 45 view camera to travelling round the world with a Contac G to Nikon/Canon/Contax/Leica/Olympus 35mm systems; through to Mamiya 6 & 7 and Hasselblads and all the way to my current setup. I have probably used it all. Prior to the advent of the digital medium, I primarily shot with colour E6 (or slide film) and black and white (mainly Ilford Delta 100 and 400) and process my own B&W film. But now, I am solely a digital shooter - mainly for convenience and cost.

Through the many years I have done a bit of travelling both locally, in Melbourne Australia, and internationally. One thing that has been the thorn in my side was the weight and bulk of the equipment. Having once carted the Toyo 45 with 10 DDS, light meter, focus cloth, suitable tripod, etc. on a short 30 minute hike to a water fall and back - now older and wiser - will never happen again!

My quest since then, like many other photographers out there, was to find the ultimate system that was able to deliver high quality photos, be versatile and easily transportable. This quest and question has been part of my photographic journey for the last 6 or 7 years, and now I want to share this on-going journey with you.

At present, my gear is based around two primary systems; Nikon Full Frame and Micro Four Thirds. My other gear include; a Hasselblad SWC system, Contax RTS system and an assortment of compacts (e.g., Contax T3 and Ricoh GR1s). This is my cumulative collection of gear over the last 20 years. Like many of my peers, I have probably spent too much money on new gear, and lost more on selling them. But, the one (very important) redeeming aspect, are my photos - priceless.

What I would like to do with this blog is to share with you my on-going journey; and share with you some of my images; past and present. I would appreciate and welcome any feedback and my lofty hope is that this blog will be of relevance and a positive resource for the photographic community.

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