Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is a Compact Photographer?

No, I am not referring to a photographer who is physically compact… The Compact Photographer refers to who in which their equipment allows them the utmost flexibility and mobility when catching that 'decisive moment'. Another words, a photographer who can go anywhere and take any photos they desire. Be it a sweeping panoramic or a gentle portrait of their family, through to a extreme macro in the middle of the Amazon. The Compact Photographer is one who isn't encumbered by their equipment.

To this end, the very nature of each compact photographer is different; but their differences are not rooted in their equipment, but rather in their style and context. Inevitably, the question of equipment does come into play at some stage, but to be honest, that is not the hardest question. For me, the hardest question is what do I want to achieve with my photography [today], and as a philosophical realisation of The Compact Photographer; what is the least and lightest (i.e., compact) equipment I can carry to achieve that.

For the above statement and basis to the definition of The Compact Photographer, I shall be discussing over the next few months, and I hope will provide some thoughtful ideas and commentary on what I have espoused.

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