Friday, July 6, 2012

My prediction for the rumors for Leica mirrorless and Hasselblad mirrorless

Have been reading about two particular rumors of interest. One is concerning Leica and the other Hasselblad. Both are about an upcoming mirrorless - here is my take.

The Hasselblad mirrorless, I think, will be a rebadge of the Fuji X-Pro1. Why? The current H system is made by Fuji. The Xpan was made by Fuji. Since the original V series, not much has been made by Hasselblad themselves and due to the long term tie up between Hasselblad and Fuji, I think the launch of a rebadged, and tweaked X-Pro 1 is very strong. This is the fastest way for Hasselblad to get in on the mirrorless market. They may add a few features, and add a few bonus items, but I think it'd be inherently a Fuji.

The Leica mirrorless, I think will be like the Contax G system. A high quality, interchangeable lens system, albeit a point and shoot. But the would add good manual controls. I don't see the sensor being full frame, but probably APS or even the M8 size. I am sure they will release a M mount converter, but it will probably be a new mount. I would absolutely drop dead if it was a m43 mount, but I don't think so. I reckon there will be an EVF, rather than a zooming OVF.

Here you go, my take on the upcoming cameras.

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