Saturday, July 7, 2012

RAW Software

I now have four different RAW processing software. Aperture, RAW Developer, Capture One Pro and Lightroom. For the early part of my digital years, I was Capture One, and then moved to Aperture when it was released. Since then, Aperture has been my software of choice. Two years ago, I started to play with RAW Developer for two reasons; black and white processing and its RL Convolution Sharpening. Early this year, there was a great deal for Capture One Pro, and I purchased it. Finally, I got a license for Lightroom as part of the Leica X2 package.

Over the next few months, I want to do a review and comparison between the four RAW packages. I do not necessarily just want to concentrate on final output image quality, but also on its usability and how well it can produce B&W images. As soon as DXO supports both the X2 and the OM-D, I will be acquire that also.

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