Saturday, July 21, 2012


A day at the beach/pier with my Leica X2 - Mui Wo in Lantau Island, Hong Kong - to be exact. Terribly bad day. Very bright, hazy, smoggy, feel like you are in a tanning booth... A few comments. CA is fairly well controlled - red and purple fringes can be seen from about 50% upwards. There was a lot of CA along the horizontal members of the gantry, the vertical posts had very little (not sure which is the exact optical phenomena that is, but there is a name for it...).

Loading Platform.
(Leica X2 1/500 f/5.6 ISO 100)
Sharpness again is generally quite even across the frame. But I do not that DOF, even with a 24mm lens set at f/5.6 is not everywhere. In my eyes, the  field that appears to be sharp and in focus extends from the bottom of the rusted steel platform; all the way to the end of the timber platform. If you look carefully at the light blue rendered wall on the right hand side. The wall surface appears to be rendered with very good detail and sharpness. But if you move down towards the concrete pier itself, a lot of that becomes softer - which it should, cause it is on a similar focal plane.

A few notes about the colour and exposure. It was difficult lighting conditions, but still, the Leica X2 files were very easy to work with. In this particular photo, it had an exposure of -0.65, had RGB, Blue and Lab Luminance curves applied; along with some contrast, saturation, tint mid tones and tint highlights applied in RAW Developer.

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