Friday, July 20, 2012

Pimp my X2

Recently got the following extras for my Leica X2
  1. Auto lens cap.
  2. Kiwi filter tube.
  3. 49mm to 52mm adapter.
  4. Canon 250D 52mm diopter lens.
Items 1 and 4 are on hand, and waiting for eBay sellers to deliver items 2 and 3. All I can say about item 1, I got was - crap. Plastic and the threads aren't even full diameter. The Canon 250D on the other hand - good quality. I hope that someone makes a better quality (i.e., metal barrel with plastic cover) version of the auto lens cap. Am still indecisive about the case, and since I got the grip, I am finding it indispensable for good holding at lower shutter speeds (for me, that means at 1/30 and slower). 

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